Whether you’re looking for HDPE underground grease traps or stainless steel traps that meet all the latest regulations, Grease Trap Store has the finest quality products available to order for kitchens of all sizes.

Our epoxy coated and stainless steel grease traps are constructed using the finest quality materials. Designed to last for many years, they can be used internally or externally, above or below ground. Easy to install and maintain, these stainless steel grease traps will help keep your kitchen running at optimal levels.

With their fully welded seams, they offer exceptional durability and come in a variety of sizes to meet your needs. All our grease traps have a durable corrosion free, high quality steel construction so you will enjoy exceptional strength and durability.

Easily find the right grease trap for your kitchen.

For those who need a larger grease trap, our 482 Litre Steel Grease Trap could be the ideal choice. It’s suitable for commercial kitchens that serve up to 640 meals per day. It can cover up to 20 sinks and you can rest-assured that it is BS EN 1825 compliant. This grease trap can be used with or without a combi oven and dishwasher.

Find out more about our stainless steel grease traps or contact our friendly team for more information.