There are various signs an old grease trap needs replacing, including bad smells and regular cleaning making no difference.

It’s estimated that grease traps need replacing around every five to seven years. However, invest in a high quality design and it will last much longer than that. Providing it’s kept in good condition, a stainless steel or HDPE design will be a long-term investment. A regular inspection is a great way to ensure it’s being maintained.

Find the ideal grease trap for your kitchen.

If your current grease trap is in bad condition, simply browse our latest range of grease traps online to find a quality replacement. We have a range of high performance grease traps, including those which are automatic.

With prices starting from £149, it’s easy to find solutions for all budgets. Among our range are underground HDPE grease traps ideal for medium to larger kitchens. These start at 100 litres and all have 110mm inlets and outlets, with risers should you require one.

This collection includes this 300 Litre Grease Trap which has a 50 year life expectancy and is constructed from durable HDPE. It comes with full installation instructions and is quick and easy to fit.

If you’re looking for automatic grease traps, please explore our latest range today. Or please contact our team for more information.