Need to prevent grease-related blockages and overflows?

Suppliers to businesses across the UK and Europe, Grease Trap Store works with commercial kitchens and restaurants on all kinds of budgets.

We have the finest quality grease traps at the most competitive prices. While you have to make the initial investment in this type of installation, you’ll save potentially thousands in plumbing costs.

Grease traps are simple products but can make a huge difference, along with giving you that extra peace of mind.

Without the right grease traps installed, serious problems can arise from FOG (fats, oils and grease) blockages or overflows.

With prices starting from only £149, it’s easier than ever to update this part of your kitchen. All our grease traps are made from the finest stainless steel and can filter out FOG highly effectively. Well constructed, reliable and compliant with the latest EU safety standards, these grease traps work hard so you don’t have to.

Part of the Rix group of companies, our grease trap specialists are always happy to talk you through the products we have available. Located in North West England, our products are delivered to companies all over the UK and Europe.

If you’re looking for grease trap specialists in the UK, find out more about Grease Trap Store or contact our team today.