Does your restaurant kitchen require a new grease trap?

This type of installation is important for capturing fats, oils and grease before they enter your main drainage system. Grease can not only wreak havoc with your pipes and cause a build-up in the sewer system, it is one of the leading causes of kitchen fires.

By law, you’re required to have this type of product installed in your commercial kitchen. Otherwise, you could be liable to a significant fine.

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No matter how many customers you have on a daily basis, we can help your kitchen stay safe, clean and running at optimum levels. Whether you’re looking for stainless steel models or epoxy coated grease traps, Grease Trap Store looks to be your ideal supplier.

Our team is always happy to talk you through the grease traps we have available. We can calculate the cost for the size of your restaurant.

If you’re wondering how much a grease trap will cost for your restaurant, check out our range at Grease Trap Store today.