As you’re probably aware, grease is one of the most dangerous substances in your kitchen, because it’s highly flammable and can lead to potentially devastating fires. It’s important your kitchen has grease traps installed to reduce the risk of such incidents.

Grease traps (also known as grease interceptors or fat traps) are designed to trap fats, oils and grease before they enter the main drainage system. They are crucial for use in all UK commercial kitchens. If not installed, you could be liable to significant fines.

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Among our range are automatic grease traps which remove the grease and deposit it into a container in liquid form. All our grease traps meet the latest building regulations and are highly affordable.

Prices for our Automatic Grease Traps start from only £189.00, with our range including this HDPE Automatic Grease Trap which is ideal for small commercial kitchens.

Our products range from stainless steel models, to our epoxy coated grease traps, with prices starting from just £129.

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