Grease traps are easy to install plumbing devices that can make all the difference to the smooth running of your kitchen and your local sewage system.

This is an essential device if you run a larger kitchen. FOG (fats, oils and grease) can cause huge issues if they’re not intercepted before they enter the drains. This is especially true once grease cools, because it hardens and solidifies.

Because of that, having a grease trap installed will save you huge amounts of stress and money in the long-run.

Everything from hotels and guest houses to fast food restaurants, bakeries and health care facilities use grease traps to prevent this problem. Nobody wants to receive a call from their local authority telling them their main drain is blocked.

Working with a wide range of hospitality businesses, Grease Trap Store regularly supply grease traps for restaurants of all sizes in the UK.

Whether you run a large restaurant or small market stall, we have grease traps suitable for a wide variety of businesses. That includes larger hotels and restaurants that produce large amounts of grease. As the leading commercial grease trap supplier, we’re always happy to offer advice.

With our epoxy coated grease traps starting from only £129, it’s never been easier to update your kitchen. We have both small-medium and medium-large traps available.

If you’re looking for grease traps for restaurants in the UK, don’t hesitate to contact our team today.