The effectiveness of a grease trap will depend on its design, along with the size of your kitchen. It’s crucial to choose the right size and design for your purposes.

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Our automatic grease traps will start trapping grease as soon as they are installed. Manufactured using the finest quality stainless steel, they will filter out FOG (fats, oils and grease) before they enter the drainage system, saving you from a wide range of issues.

Not only do our grease traps require no power supply, they are environmentally friendly. Any trapped grease can easily be recycled, preventing it from clogging up the sewage system.

All our grease traps are constructed from high quality stainless steel. Designed to filter out FOG before it enters the drainage system, they combine the best electronics and components.

Whatever your catering budget, Grease Trap Store has grease traps for businesses of all sizes. WIth prices starting from only £129, it’s easy to prevent grease from causing potentially expensive problems.

Choose Grease Trap Store for your purchase and you’ll enjoy the finest quality, reliability, the best savings and products compliant with all EU safety standards.

Among our range are HDPE Underground Grease Traps which are designed to meet the latest legislation.

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