If you have ever worked in a commercial kitchen, you will know the issues that grease can cause, especially if allowed to run freely into drains. Disposing of a small about of grease down a drain is unlikely to cause issues, but continuing to do this over a long period of time can result in blockages forming where the fat has congealed. In addition, it is important to consider the environment, no one wants grease running freely into water sources causing unnecessary pollution. 

In any event, commercial kitchens are legally required to have grease traps installed, the correct use of these can prevent the havoc referred to above. There are some exceptions, but generally speaking hotels, bakeries and guest houses are all caught by it and ignoring their legal duty could lead to enforcement action being taken.

We all know complying with legal duties can often be complex and costly, but not this time. Our steel grease traps are not complicated to install and come at a reasonable price. These amazing traps hold on to the grease preventing it travelling down the drain and allows you to dispose of it properly.  

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