Have you noticed your water bills are higher than they should be?

Although water bills are higher in summer, if they’re astronomical, they could be caused by a water leak. You might also have noticed mould and mildew, causing musty smelling rooms. Other signs can include wet spots, foundation cracks, stained ceilings or walls, and sagging plaster.

Damp is bad news for your property, while mould is detrimental to your health. If you think you have a leaky water pipe, it’s important to get it sorted now.

Regularly working in Basingstoke, DJ Pipeworks can detect even the most hidden leak.

We use the most state-of-the-art methods to find leaks. These are non-intrusive and won’t cause damage to your property.

Our team work throughout Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire, repairing and replacing water pipes on properties of all ages. To locate non visible surface leaks, we usually use tracer gas. This is a safe and efficient way to find even the most hidden leaks.

When it comes to replacements, we install plastic MDPE supply pipes. These can be traced using a flexi trace cable inserted up the supply and then traced. This means large sections of pipework can be eliminated with this method.

If you have a leaking water pipe in Basingstoke, please contact our team for repairs or replacement installations.