Domestic fat traps are becoming more and more popular throughout the UK. They act as a cheap and easy method of removing fats oils and greases from waste water in the home. The waste water would otherwise be washed down your domestic pipes.  This can potentially cause a blockage as well as an unwanted plumbers bill! Waste water from that Sunday roast or fry up contains vast amounts of fats. These fats will solidify as soon as it hits cooler external pipework causing a blockage that will back up your kitchen sink.

Our range of domestic fat traps are easy to install and maintain. The fat is simply removed in just a couple of minutes by lifting the lid of the grease trap and scooping the solids from the top. This solidified fat can then be placed in your household waste. Our range of domestic fat traps start from as little as £129 + VAT.  You also get free next working day delivery if you live in mainland UK.