Epoxy Coated Grease Traps

Epoxy coated grease traps are ideal for commercial kitchens and restaurants who want to keep their grease trap outside to save on space. Here is our range:

Epoxy Coated Grease Traps: The Businesswise Choice

Every UK business that prepares food knows the importance of proper FOG management. Epoxy coated grease traps emerge as a superior solution. They offer durability, efficiency, and compliance, all wrapped in one.

Discover Epoxy Coated Grease Traps for Your Business

Stop drain blockages before they start with one of our grease traps. These devices efficiently intercept FOG from your wastewater. Consequently, they keep your drainage systems clean and clear.

epoxy coated grease traps from Grease Trap Store

Ensure Legal Compliance

Compliance is not negotiable. UK businesses must adhere to strict regulations regarding waste management. Our grease traps help you meet these standards. Moreover, they mitigate the risk of costly fines.

Environmental Care

Protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility. Grease Trap Store grease traps play a significant role here. They stop FOG from contributing to sewer fatbergs. Thus, they act as an eco-friendly guard.

An Economical Decision

Think long-term savings. Our grease traps prevent expensive drain maintenance issues. Also, they eliminate the threat of legal penalties for non-compliance. In the long haul, they save your business money.

The Verdict on Epoxy Coated Grease Traps

In conclusion, epoxy coated grease traps are a smart investment for many reasons. They prevent costly drain blockages and assist in fulfilling legal requirements. They safeguard the environment. Besides, they offer substantial financial savings.

Take action to protect your business and the environment. Consider the GT7 – 40 Litre and GT25 – 100 Litre models, currently on offer at attractive prices. Trust in quality, trust in Cater Steel Ltd’s epoxy coated grease traps.

For a sustainable future, visit Grease Trap Store and secure your epoxy coated grease trap today. Make the choice that benefits your business and our planet.