Under Sink Grease Traps

Grease Trap Store have an incredible range of under sink grease traps to suit any kitchen or food preparation area.

The Essential Guide to Under Sink Grease Traps for UK Businesses

In the UK, businesses from chip shops and independent restaurants to hospitals and care homes have one thing in common: they all produce grease as a byproduct of their operations. Furthermore, this grease can pose a significant problem if not managed correctly. It can cause drain blockages, environmental harm, and even hefty fines. Therefore, this is where under-sink grease traps come in.

GTS Under sink grease traps

The below grease traps are all suitable for under the sink or near your kitchen sink:

The Importance of Under Sink Grease Traps

Grease traps prevent drainage systems’ fat, oil, and grease (FOG) build-up. Furthermore, they are especially crucial for commercial kitchens, including small independent restaurants, large chain restaurants, hotels and guest houses, pubs, bars, cafes, fast food restaurants, takeaways, hot food processing companies, and bakeries. Healthcare facilities such as hospitals and care homes also need grease traps due to the volume of food they prepare daily.

But why are grease traps so crucial for these businesses? The answer lies in the numerous benefits they offer.

Key Benefits of Under Sink Grease Traps

Preventing Drain Blockages

under sink grease traps from grease trap store

The primary function of a grease trap is to prevent FOG from entering the drainage system. This helps avoid blockages of drains, which can cause significant disruption to business operations. Moreover, it can result in costly repairs.

Legal Compliance

UK businesses are legally obligated to ensure that FOG does not enter the public sewer system. Furthermore, Installing a grease trap helps companies to comply with these regulations. It also ensures you avoid potential fines and prosecution.

Environmental Protection

FOG is a major contributor to ‘fatbergs’ – giant masses of solid waste that block sewers. By capturing FOG before it enters the drains, grease traps help protect the environment. Moreover, they support water companies in their efforts to tackle fatbergs.

Cost Savings on Under Sink Grease Traps

Purchasing and installing an under sink grease trap costs; however, you save greatly in the long run. Businesses can save money on plumbing costs and legal penalties by preventing drain blockages and potential fines.

Easy Maintenance

Under sink grease traps do not require electricity and rely on the gravity flow of water.  Of course, this makes them cost-effective and easy to maintain. Regular maintenance involves checking the trap weekly and emptying it before it is full. These are tasks that a trained contractor can carry out, albeit following the manufacturer’s guidelines.

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In conclusion, under sink grease traps are essential for any UK business that produces FOG, albeit as part of its operations. Furthermore, they offer numerous benefits, from preventing drain blockages to saving money on plumbing costs. Additionally, this makes them a smart investment for businesses of all sizes. Companies can enjoy these benefits and contribute to a greener, cleaner environment. Choose a high-quality under sink grease trap and ensure regular maintenance.