Under Sink Grease Trap Kits

Our under sink grease trap kits are everything you need to solve your grease management requirements. They include a grease trap, connectors, maintenance cleaner and gloves.

Introduction to Under Sink Grease Trap Kits

You run a commercial kitchen. As such, you understand the importance of efficiency, hygiene, and compliance. Allow us to introduce you to a product that supports all three: under sink grease trap kits from The Grease Trap Store.

Unrivalled Performance of Under Sink Grease Trap Kits

Now, consider the continual flow of your busy kitchen. This is where under sink grease trap kits come into their own. They reliably intercept fats, oils, and grease, ensuring unobstructed wastewater flow.

under sink grease trap kits from Grease Trap Store


The Grease Trap Store’s Commitment to Quality

Furthermore, we at The Grease Trap Store stand by our commitment to quality. All under sink grease trap kits meet stringent standards to exceed your expectations every time.

Ensuring Compliance with Under Sink Grease Trap Kits

Moreover, regulations demand proper waste management. Our kits are designed not only to meet but often surpass environmental compliance standards.

Streamlined Maintenance for Busy Kitchens

Also, we understand that time is money. Therefore, our kits are engineered for easy maintenance, allowing your staff to clean them swiftly without downtime.

The Durability Advantage of Commercial Traps

In addition to being low-maintenance, our commercial traps are built to last. Stainless steel construction ensures durability against the rigours of daily use in any commercial setting.

Testimonials Speak for Our Grease Traps

Don’t just take our word for it. Countless testimonials from satisfied restaurant owners testify to the enhanced operation and reliability provided by our kits.

We invite you to join the legion of professional kitchens that trust The Grease Trap Store. Equip your kitchen with an under sink grease trap kit today and watch as operational hassles associated with grease management become a thing of the past. Act now; your kitchen deserves the best protection available.