GT18 – 80 Litre Stainless Steel Large Grease Trap


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The popular large under sink grease trap measures 550mm x 450mm x 325mm high.  Made from robust 304 stainless steel, our GT80 is sized for up to two commercial sink bowls.  

Whilst this can be fitted easily underneath a sink, we recommend you check the space in and around your sink ensuring sufficient clearance for opening and regular cleaning.  

Using simply the gravitational flow of water, this stainless steel fat trap channels the water inside the chamber.  This cools the water and aids separation of fats, oils and grease (FOG’s).  Safer ‘grey water’ continues and exits in to your drains whilst the FOG’s are retained in the trap for collection.  This easy to fit grease trap can be installed by a local qualified plumber.  Always piping downwards, simply connect the inlet and outlet to your existing pipework. Free next day delivery included. 




Stainless Steel Large Grease Trap

Are you looking for a large grease trap? Do you have a double bowl commercial sink?  Grease Trap Store’s full range of commercial grade grease traps cater for all types of commercial kitchens, large or small.  If you have two single sinks or perhaps one large double bowl commercial sink, our GT80 large grease trap is ideal.  

This under sink range of fat traps are robust.  304 stainless steel large grease traps are rugged and excellent value for money. Having supplied thousands of food service establishments throughout the United Kingdom, we understand the grease game! If you have a commercial kitchen that produces hot food, quite simply, you may require a large grease trap.  At the very least you will be required to have a stringent grease management policy in place in the form of trapping equipment for fats, oils and grease (FOG’s).

Large Grease Trap For Commercial Kitchens – Specification

  • 304 catering grade stainless steel
  • Flow Rate (Litres Per Minute) 89
  • 80 Litre Capacity
  • Height to Bottom of Inlet: 252mm
  • Height to Bottom of Outlet: 212mm
  • 50mm (2”) Inlet/Outlet
  • 15kg Grease Capacity
  • Suitable for up to 2 commercial sized sink bowls
  • 5 Year Manufacturer Defect Warranty
  • Minimise Drain Cleaning & Call-Out Charges
  • Immediately Improves Wastewater Discharge Quality
  • Air Tight Seal – Eliminate Unwanted Odours
  • UK held stock with UK aftercare support
  • Uses Standard Multi-fit Connections (sold separately here)
  • Model SKU: GT80
  • Size 550mm x 450mm x 325mm (w x l x h)
  • Inlet / Outlet Size (mm) 50
  • Grease Capacity (kg) 18
  • Capacity to Inlet Outlet (L) 80
  • Meals Per Day: 100-150

Sizing Your Commercial Fat Trap

large grease trap Stainless Steel Commercial 80 Litres

Stainless Steel Under Sink Grease Trap

When fitting a large grease trap underneath a sink, it’s important to firstly ensure the unit is correctly sized to cope with the intended water flow rate.  Before purchasing a large passive grease trap, it is advisable to firstly measure the area you plan to install the trap.  Ensure sufficient space around all sides so staff or contractors can easily access to clean, including above the lid.

Purchasing a manual stainless steel large grease trap can be the most value for money option in managing your waste FOG’s. Our wide range of small and large grease traps will help you remain compliant and prevent blockages.  Indeed, correctly sizing your fat trap at the first stage is imperative for continued free-flowing of your wastewater.  Looking to extend the periods between your cleaning? Why not consider our grease trap cleaner to reduce odours and FOG build up. 

Deciding on a Large Grease Trap

In order to help you decide what large grease trap may be suitable for your needs, tell us about your establishment.  For example, advise us of how many meals per day you cater for. This is known as ‘covers’. This GT18 under sink large grease trap is designed to accept the flow rate of up to double commercial sink bowls.  Alternatively, this is suitable for a commercial kitchen producing up to 150 meals per day.

Perhaps your water provider has requested you fit a minimum 100 litre grease trap?  No problem! Take a look at our GT26 100ltr grease trap for up to three sink bowls.  These are held in stock ready for immediate dispatch and come with next day delivery as standard. 

Buy from the Grease Trap Store

Based in the North West of England, all of our grease traps are held and dispatched from the United Kingdom.  You can contact us before deciding on a grease trap if you require some guidance or advice.  Discover a wider range of stainless steel kitchen products such as catering sinks and stainless steel tables.  

All of our Grease Trap comply with Building Regulations 2.21 Part H and are supported by a five year manufacturer defect warranty.


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