The Advantages of a Grease Trap

Advantages of using a grease trap

A grease trap is an invaluable addition to any working kitchen. This is in part because there are several key financial and environmental advantages of using a grease trap in everyday kitchens.

Grease traps prevent FOG

A grease trap lives and works hard in your drainage system. It is primarily designed to be used for catching excess fats and oils and preventing them from being flushed into the main drainage system that we all share. This normally happens as a by product from assorted cooking and cleaning actions that you participate in. In this way, the big advantage of having a grease trap installed is that it prevents blockages of the main sewage lines.

Grease traps are cool

When waste water enters through the trap, any solid waste that has gone down your sink will go to the bottom of the tank as it is heavy. Your trap will have accumulated a reservoir of waste water which will cool any grease to room temperature causing it to solidify. This will cause its float to the top of the trap and allow the rest of the water to escape successfully. This process occurs naturally leaving just the occasional job of cleaning the grease trap out as it gets filled to capacity.

Grease traps are economical

The main economic advantage of using a grease trap is that sewers will need less maintenance and expensive repairs. Warm grease would cool inside the sewer system and create blockages and flooding to the surrounding areas. Therefore, you can save time and money by installing a grease trap as an extremely economical safety mechanism – as long as you service it properly. You are able to prevent temporary closure of your business that can be caused by odours or blockages. There are also legal consideration here for commercial food companies, the costs of repairing main systems need to be avoided. They are not as expensive as you may think to install either, so it gives you a cost effective long term solution to maintaining your drainage systems.

Grease traps are environmentally friendly

You will be doing your bit to keep the environment clean. This is because you are preventing the release of FOG into local rivers and streams which can be harmful to all of us. Maintaining a grease trap system is usually hassle-free and it is worth it for everyone’s benefit. The environmental advantages of using grease traps to recycle grease are surprisingly numerous. Firstly, liquid waste does not need to end up in our oceans as they reduces the amount of runoff into our water catchment areas. Secondly, solid waste can be collected and used in specialised treatment plants which will convert it into agricultural mulch.

So, when you next sit in a restaurant, you might just think about the grease trap which is working hard below your feet. Grease traps do so many jobs to keep our sewer systems adequately flowing underneath us, ensuring that our hospitality industry is kept in motion, reducing nutrient rich overspills into our rivers and giving us a cleaner environment for the generations to come.

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