Why install a grease trap?

To put it simply, a grease trap is a comprehensive drainage system which keeps separate fat and grease from universal systems of drainage. If you cook at home, you will have noticed that when any type of fat, oil, or grease cools after cooking, it congeals and solidifies. You can now imagine what would happen to cause blocked drains when they substances get into the system – they stop water and waste material from draining away. This is why you need to install a grease trap.

When to use a grease trap?

Often advertisers like to tell you that wonder products like bleach or drain unblocking detergents can easily clean your pipes of fat, oil and grease. However, this is a quick fix, only working temporarily and commonly extensive use will only encourage a blockage to travel deeper into your drainage system. This is where it will then happily accumulate to create a big blockage at a later date.

To avoid all of this, this is why install grease trap to prevent blockages. They are becoming more and more popular with commercial customers and homeowners alike. They work hard at completely trapping grease up on the surface, and at the same time a grease trap lets water drain away. All of this means that you do not have to call out a plumber again and again for unexpected blockages. Grease traps sort out collected grease as they use an assortment of good bacteria to attack the grease and turn it into water and carbon dioxide. When you live in a large busy household, you will not need to be as concerned about the levels of grease build up in your pipes when you have installed a grease trap. Generally, an initial cost of a trap will offset the cost of needing you to get your system cleaned by a plumber over and over again.

A grease trap is needed everywhere.

Businesses need to think about having a grease trap if food is being served on the premises. There is almost no type of working kitchen, in any sort of environment, that will not profit from putting in a grease trap. In most commercial kitchens, a grease trap is commonly fitted in the washing-up area. This prevents masses of fats and oils from entering into major sewer lines. Even on an industrial scale, the main purpose of a having a grease trap is to trap oil and grease, but it will also work effectively to prevent foreign objects such as wipes and cloths before they enter into your system. This hopefully does the messy job of preventing blocked drains for you.

They are many reasons why you may install a grease trap. Blocked drains can obviously be very serious. Having a blocked drain can even contravene health and safety legislation if you are selling food, which may be deadly for cookery businesses. Even if you are a domestic customer, a blocked drain can severely affect the health of you and your family, can attract vermin and significantly if left blocked up for too long, it can potentially cause structural problems.

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