History of the grease trap

Grease Traps have been around for a very long time. Also sometimes known as Grease Interceptors, or Recovery Devices, they are well-designed plumbing devices which will intercept most FOG and so stopping it getting into a waste water system. So where did the history of the grease trap begin? Victorian Grease Traps Grease Traps have amazingly been helping use to … Read More

When should a grease trap be emptied?

Grease traps are very often the single biggest cost for restaurants and commercial businesses if they are not cleaned regularly enough. There are lots of reasons why grease trap maintenance needs to be performed as a routine but mostly as emptying it will keep your drains running smoothly. This, in the end, will prevent you having to pay out for … Read More

Grease traps: What they are and why you need one?

A grease trap can be an integral part of your home and kitchen maintenance systems. You need one because grease can solidify in your sewer pipes as it goes down your sink as waste and it will block them. Grease and oils cause major issues to your property if left unchecked and problems for the environment in general. Do you … Read More

How does a grease trap work?

How does a grease trap work? Numerous homeowners are aware of just how dirty a kitchen sink can get. It is an inescapable fact that cooking does end up creating plenty of dirt and waste, particularly liquid waste. Leaving a kitchen sink unclean will leave you having to sort out a whole host of issues. Nevertheless, cleaning is simple enough … Read More

The Advantages of a Grease Trap

Advantages of using a grease trap A grease trap is an invaluable addition to any working kitchen. This is in part because there are several key financial and environmental advantages of using a grease trap in everyday kitchens. Grease traps prevent FOG A grease trap lives and works hard in your drainage system. It is primarily designed to be used … Read More

Problems Associated with FOG

The build-up over time of discarded fats, oils and greases (FOG) can occur in domestic and commercial drainage systems. The major issue is that in intense situations, it can block drain lines completely. Grease can enter wastewater systems from many sources such as restaurants, and homes. Each year, thousands of FOG related sewer issues cause problems for us all. Each … Read More

Grease Trap Compliance

Commercial food establishments are known for producing an immense amount of fat, oil and grease (FOG) as a result of their everyday operations. The problems occur when FOG is not properly or professionally treated before it makes contact with main drainage networks. Ineffective management could lead to serious drainage issues which may impact detrimentally on the environment. The British Building … Read More

Why install a grease trap?

To put it simply, a grease trap is a comprehensive drainage system which keeps separate fat and grease from universal systems of drainage. If you cook at home, you will have noticed that when any type of fat, oil, or grease cools after cooking, it congeals and solidifies. You can now imagine what would happen to cause blocked drains when … Read More