What grease trap do I need?

Selecting the correct grease trap for your commercial kitchen is crucial. So ask yourself, ‘What grease trap do I need for my business?’. Here, we will help you find the answer. If you make the wrong choice, the grease trap will be deemed as ‘unfit for purpose’ as it’s just not going to work as it should do. If it’s too small, the trap will not be able to handle the amount of water entering it when the sinks are drained. This will then cause the grease trap to overflow and your sinks to back up.
Thankfully, we can try and steer you in the right direction in order to assist you when purchasing your grease trap.

There are two main points to consider when purchasing your trap:

What Grease Trap – 1. How many sinks is the trap going to be servicing?

This is probably the most important consideration. You need to assume that all sinks will be filled to the top. Furthermore, emptied at the same time. This will probably never happen but if it did, your trap needs to be able to handle the water flow entering it.

Standard double kitchen sinks will empty at around 27LPM (litres per minute). That being said, if you have just one standard sink in your kitchen, you need to look for a grease trap that can accommodate at least 27 litres per minute, such as our 40 litre epoxy coated grease trap.

what grease trap do i need in my business?

2. How many covers/meals do you serve a day?

This is not as important as the 1st question, but if you can still factor this into your buying decision, it will all help towards getting the right trap.

For example, say you are serving up to 100 meals a day. You would go for the 40-litre epoxy coated again. All of our grease trap descriptions will give you this information.

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