100 Litre Grease Traps

100 litre grease traps are our most popular grease trap due to a number of water companies suggesting them to be the minimum requirement for restaurants and commercial kitchens.

100 Litre Grease Traps: Your Business’s Line of Defense

UK businesses understand the pivotal role that grease management plays in their operations. Among the solutions available, 100 litre grease traps stand out as a practical choice. These traps are not just another item on your maintenance checklist; they’re an investment in your business’s sustainability and compliance.

Opt for 100 Litre Grease Traps for Drainage Assurance

Let’s be clear: blocked drains disrupt your business flow. You can prevent these blockages by choosing a grease trap. They effectively capture fats, oils, and grease, ensuring your drainage system remains unobstructed. Moreover, these traps handle the volume that small to medium-sized businesses typically produce.

Fulfill Legal Obligations

It’s not just about practicality; it’s about compliance. By installing a grease or fat trap, you meet UK regulations head-on. This step is crucial, as non-compliance is not an option. The law requires businesses to prevent FOG from entering public sewers. Neglect this, and you face severe penalties.

100 litre grease traps by the Grease Trap Store


Consider Environmental Stewardship

Furthermore, your environmental impact matters. Outdoor 100 litre grease traps play a vital role. They arrest harmful FOG before it reaches the sewers. Thus, they combat the formation of environmentally hazardous fatbergs. This action reflects your commitment to protecting our shared environment.

Save Money with 100 Litre Grease Traps

Additionally, think of the cost savings. Installing 100 litre grease traps translates to fewer blockages and less spending on drain maintenance. Also, you sidestep potential fines tied to non-compliance. Over time, the grease trap often pays for itself. It’s an economically wise move.

The Bottom Line on 100 Litre Grease Traps

In conclusion, the benefits are numerous. 100 litre grease traps protect against drain blockages. They keep you within legal parameters. Plus, they safeguard our environment. Lastly, they offer significant financial savings. When you consider the overall value, it’s evident that these traps are essential for UK businesses that deal with FOG. Thus, if your establishment generates these substances, investing in a reliable 100 litre grease trap isn’t just good practice—it’s good business.

For exceptional quality and dependable service, Cater Steel Ltd provides a range of 100 litre grease traps to meet your needs. The company offers models like the GT100 – 100 Litre Grease Trap Stainless Steel, currently priced at £299.00 ex. VAT, and the GT25 – 100 Litre Epoxy Steel Commercial Grease Trap at £345.00 ex. VAT (Cater Steel Ltd, 2023). These products cater to various business sizes and configurations, offering robust solutions for effective grease management.

Act now to secure your business’s future. Visit Grease Trap Store and explore the options available. Choose wisely, choose reliability, choose Cater Steel Ltd’s 100 litre grease traps.