Grease Separation Tanks

Outdoor grease traps are ideal for businesses looking to save space in their kitchen. Here is a selection of our grease traps that you can position safely and securely outside.

Mastering Grease Disposal with Grease Separation Tanks

Introduction to Grease Separation Tanks

Grease separation tanks are your ultimate defence against kitchen grease woes. In fact, they’re indispensable in modern commercial kitchens.

How Grease Separation Tanks Work

Fundamentally, these tanks separate fats, oils, and grease from wastewater. Consequently, they protect plumbing and facilitate easier waste disposal.

grease separation tanks at the grease trap store


The Advantages of Grease Separation Tanks

Remarkably, grease separation tanks prevent costly blockages. Indeed, they also reduce the risk of environmental contamination.

Choosing the Right Size

Firstly, consider your kitchen’s output when selecting a tank. Moreover, Grease Trap Store can guide you in this crucial decision.

Installation and Maintenance

Additionally, installing grease separation tanks correctly is vital for peak performance. Furthermore, routine cleaning ensures continued efficiency.

Compliance and Grease Separation Tanks

Importantly, using grease separation tanks helps you comply with health and safety regulations. As a result, you avoid potential penalties.

Customer Testimonials on Grease Trap Stores’ Tanks

Customers consistently praise our tanks for their reliability and build quality. Notably, they’ve experienced fewer plumbing issues since installation.


In summary, grease separation tanks from the Grease Trap Store offer a practical solution. They are essential for any responsible commercial kitchen.

To maintain smooth operations, invest in a quality grease separation tank. Remember, the right equipment makes all the difference.