Grease can cause havoc if allowed to be disposed of down the drains, over time it often cools and congeals blocking pipes and causing a multitude of drainage issues. In addition, grease running into the waterways can cause pollution issues. If you run a commercial kitchen you will already be aware that you’re legally required to have a grease trap installed. The rules don’t only apply to cafes and restaurants, but expands to hotels, guest houses, bakeries and many more.

No matter the size of the commercial kitchen you run, it is imperative you comply with your legal duty to prevent enforcement action being taken against you. An easy way of complying with your duty would be to have a grease interceptor installed, the explanation is in the name. These marvellous traps catch the grease before it can go down the drain and gives you the opportunity to dispose of it ethically.

Why buy your grease interceptors from us? Our products have been successful in some of the largest food chains including McDonalds, Dominos and Dunkin’ Doughnuts which is a testament to the quality interceptors we provide.

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