Fast food restaurants can produce large amounts of grease on a daily basis. One study estimated that this type of establishment produces an average of 150 to 250 pounds of grease per week! That’s up to 1000 pounds per month or 13,000 pounds per year.

If you run this type of business, it’s crucial you have a quality grease trap installed to prevent grease from going down the drain. Otherwise it can cause all sorts of problems for your restaurant and the main sewage system.

Find the perfect grease trap for your kitchen.

No matter if you run a small-medium or larger restaurant, we have grease traps suitable for all sized kitchens. Our products include grease traps which can be installed internally or externally.

With 24-hour deliveries available, you can replace your old grease trap in the quickest possible time. No downtime will be required when getting rid of your old installation. Fast food restaurants and takeaways are just two of the types of hospitality businesses we work with.

Our grease traps are also regularly installed everywhere from hotels and public houses to food processing companies, bakeries and guest houses. In short, any kitchen which is likely to produce a large amount of FOG (fats, oils and grease).

If you’re looking for grease traps for fast food restaurants, explore our latest products today. Or please contact our team for more information.