With pubs and restaurants set to reopen this month, you want to ensure your kitchen is ready to operate at optimum levels.

Otherwise known as grease interceptors and fat traps, grease traps are a legal necessity in larger commercial kitchens.

Easy to install and highly effective, they prevent grease from entering the main drainage system and leading to all sorts of issues. Essentially, they are a type of plumbing device designed to intercept both grease and other solids.

Fats, oils and grease can create blockages along with causing unpleasant odours and pest infestations. They’re important for keeping your equipment running smoothly and keeping your kitchen safe and hygienic. Grease traps also prevent sewage companies from running into trouble thanks to accumulated food waste.

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We’ve supplied professional grease traps to many of the UK’s most well-known hospitality businesses. With prices starting from as little as £129, it’s easier than ever to replace your old grease traps this spring.

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